How to Fix Epson Printer in Error State?

With the changes brought by modernization in our country, people are adapting to new things like installing printers at their home. So, it becomes pretty obvious to face some issues during its operation.

If you are a Epson printer user, do not worry as this guide covers you with the best possible solutions. You just need to read and follow the instructions by yourself to fix Epson printer in error state.

There are several problems possible while one is using the printer. Like your printing paper might get jammed after you turn on the machine. Once you reach the end of this article, you will understand all the potential ways to fix printer in error state Epson. Probable Causes for the Epson Printer Error State: One should know the possible reasons before stepping ahead to fix epson printer error state.

1. Connection related issues with the computer and printer Most of the printers have issues related to network connections. So if you find one then the problem is with the wireless network.

2. Weak power supply or no supply One of the common issues that many users face. This can happen when the power cords are not working. Also, the printer will have issues with the power supply if the power cables are somewhere faulty or not working at all.

3. Installation problems with the printer software An error is likely to occur during the software installation process of the printer. So, if that is not completed properly then the printer might not function properly. You need to be careful in the installation phase.

4. Few printer drivers are corrupted There are plenty of reasons possible for driver corruption. Moreover, it may result in the malfunctioning of the device. Mostly, they get corrupted when the drivers are outdated. Another major reason can be a virus or some third party’s bug which might lead to corrupted drivers.

So, these were some of the reasons behind the malfunctioning of your device. Let’s quickly check the solutions to each one of them. This way we will learn to fix Epson printer in error state. Various Steps to fix Epson Printer in Error State- 1. Fix issues related to hardware

  • Firstly make sure that the printer’s cords are properly connected to the circuit board.

  • Check and verify whether your computer is connected to the USB cable or not. If the cable is faulty, simply change it and try connecting with a new one.

  • If you own a wireless printer then do ensure that it is properly connected to the network.

  • Once you have completed all these above steps then test it. Try to test by printing a blank sheet of paper.

2. Update the device

  • If you already have an upgraded window then your printing device should also be updated to the latest version. This step is important to do because then only the operating system will operate properly, not the printer.

  • In case of any virus or power related issues, just look into the matter and scan your devices properly.

  • Do make sure to update the drivers regularly so that you face no problems.

3. Reboot the printing device and computer

  • The first step is to turn off any currently active printing works and shut down your computer completely.

  • Cancel up all the queued printing jobs.

  • Reboot your computer system and power on your printer. Now, check if the complete issue related to the printing device is fixed or not.

  • So, this whole procedure will surely aid you in getting rid of the problem. While in most of the cases, just rebooting your desktop and printing devices helps in getting rid of the errors. But, if rebooting the device doesn't work then walk ahead with the next method or simply go through the above-mentioned steps again.

4. Check for any paper jams

  • If none of these above solutions are working then try updating your printing device or check for jammed papers.

  • If there are any jammed papers inside the printer parts, then you will find an error message. For cleaning up the paper jams inside and out, you have to first disassemble your device. Use a clean brush and or a piece of cloth for the process.

  • By doing this, make sure that no more paper bits are left jammed in your device.

  • After you are done with the cleaning part then try to insert a pile of papers in the printing tray and try printing something.

  • This will check if the problem has been resolved or still exists.

Hope this guide helps to fix Epson printer in error state.

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